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Almost everywhere today you can pay on the Internet with PayPal - for example, in various online shops, on ebay classifieds, eBay, Amazon, and much more. The payment system ensures that you can make purchases faster, easier and safer. Unlike payment by credit card or debit card, payment by PayPal does not require the card details to be provided for each transfer. With PayPal, you only provide this information once when setting up your account. As a private individual, there are no charges for purchasing or selling via PayPal. Fees are only payable when you use a credit card or transfer money abroad when paying. However, if you sell your goods to retailers as merchants, you will be charged with receiving the payment. If you look more closely at the eBay fee overview, you quickly realize how complex the composition of the fees really is. It's usually time-consuming and inaccurate to calculate the fees for each of your payments individually. With our PayPal Fee Calculator, you can easily figure out what fees you'll be charged and always keep track of your PayPal costs.

The PayPal fee calculator

As a seller, it can sometimes be quite difficult to calculate the PayPal fees in mind, countless special cases and exemptions depending on seller type, price, category, format and number of units make the calculation considerably more difficult. The free charge calculatoris designed to help you keep track of charges on your next transaction with PayPal. It's easy to use, all you have to do to calculate the fees is the amount of money you want to receive, as well as the method of payment.

Before you can calculate your fees, you must choose one of the following sub-items for the method of payment:

  • Pay for goods or services
  • Payment to friends and family
  • Collect donations
  • Micro payment

After entering your data, you will find in the result field the amount of the fees to be paid as well as the amount remaining to you minus the fees. By way of illustration, we have illustrated two small calculation examples for you.

Example 1:
If you want to receive as a merchant of goods and services a sum of 150 pounds from a customer, fees amounting to 4.08 pounds to PayPal. The remaining balance is 145.91 pounds.

Example 2:
If you want to receive as merchant with merchant conditions (5,001-25,000 pounds) an amount of 150 pounds from a customer, fees of 2.90 pounds to PayPal. The remaining balance is 147,10 punds.

Payments received - the PayPal fees

As soon as you receive money from a customer when selling goods or services, you will be charged a fee. The amount of the fee depends on the type of payment.

  • Pay for goods or services: If a customer pays for you a good or service and you receive money, a fee of 2.49 percent of the selling price + 35 pennys will be charged.
  • Payment to friends and family: Within the EU, sending money to friends and family will not cost you a fee.
  • Collect donations: If you want to collect donations with the PayPal donations button on your website, a fee of 1.5 percent of the donation + 35 pennys will be due upon receipt of money.
  • Micro payment: PayPal offers the micropayment solution for receiving small amounts. When you receive money, you pay 10 percent of the amount + 10 pennys.

If you want to know more about PayPal fees, click here.

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